Introducing, Joy Anthology


Holleen Lawrence and Becca Hodges are a mother- daughter duo like you will never meet again. Dynamic, artistic, business-minded, and real, raw, F-U-N.

They built a photography business together that literally captures moments that matter. Holleen, who is legally blind (yet known for her unique technical style)—coupled with the bold, breath-taking talent of daughter, Becca—creates photographic art for the clients of Blind Photography.

“At a wedding reception, for example, I feel the conversations of the guests. When laughter is coming, I anticipate the movements and expressions that it will create. I capture the candid, intimate moments of elation, joy, and connectedness—I don’t need perfect vision for that, it’s a natural, beautiful, fluid evolution of human interaction.” Holleen Lawrence

Over the years, Holleen and Becca came to realize something was amiss with the loved (and sometimes loathed) traditional guestbook. What happens to the guestbook after the big day, the special event, the wedding, the reunion, the reception? This was the opportunity they set out to design a captivating solution for.

Joy Anthology has revolutionized the way couples capture the guests at their wedding. Through a custom mobile-friendly online tool, guests are invited to upload a photo (selfies welcome!) to the event’s unique portal. The uploads are then populated into a stunning, artful, canvas print that will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

“Traditional guestbooks are likely not looked at again once the event has passed. We created Joy Anthology to bring a unique and modern keepsake to the market, customizable to your home’s decor, that will be loved, talked about, and looked at over and over again. It also provides a fun, interactive activity for guests.” Becca Hodges

For over a decade mother daughter team Holleen Lawrence & Becca Hodges (aka Nan & Boo) have mastered their directed journalistic style to ensure your wedding day photography is as candid, relaxed, romantic and fun as you are. Blind Photography is a Des Moines, Iowa-based business specializing in photography that is true to you, and your story.

Holleen Lawrence and Becca Hodges

Holleen Lawrence and Becca Hodges