Easy & fun to use


Step 1: Design your canvas

In this step, you will create your account with Joy Anthology. This will provide you access to the online tool for creating a unique site for your event.

Using your account login credentials you can complete your purchase, customize, and finalize your canvas prior to production. Our interactive design tool allows you to select colors and fonts that will enhance your home’s decor.

The canvas is designed to display up to 100 entries, including photos with one to four people per submission. Have a lengthier guest list? Not to worry, the canvas is ideal for weddings with up to 300 guests. You will have the opportunity to edit, or even exclude, guest submissions prior to printing your canvas.

Example of a sign created with Canva

Example of a sign created with Canva

Step 2: Customize your guest experience

Our guest capture platform creates a beautiful keepsake from your special day, with nothing to download and it’s free for guests to participate! Watch the fun unfold as guests make themselves a part of your unique piece of art.

Guests will access a special URL you choose to join in the fun. Guests can even text your special code to our Joy Bot to receive the link directly to their phone. Once they click the link, they can upload photos to fill in your canvas.

Here are a few tips we suggest for communicating with guests about the program:

  1. Use our text opt-in program to make it easy for guests to get the link to participate directly on their phones. This will provides a seamless entry into your customized guest capture site.

  2. Prominently display (and over-communicate) your text opt-in instructions to allow guests to immediately engage with the program. They will be sent a link where they can then upload their photo entry.

  3. Be sure to remind guests that registration will stay open for three days after your event. Once registration closes, uploads will no longer be allowable.

  4. Finalize your canvas after your link expires and enjoy your customized canvas forever!

We have found these ideas work well for capturing as many guests as possible:

  • Create signage to encourage guests to participate (framed signage for tables, restrooms, coat check, valet, etc., work well) PRO TIP: We love Canva for quick, easy creation of signage—beautiful templates and no design experience needed!

  • Post your customized URL on social media in a private (invite-only) Facebook group, for example

  • Send in an email

  • Include on your wedding web page, if you have one

Engaging guests is easy with simple signage!

Engaging guests is easy with simple signage!

Step 3: Text, Click & Submit

Complete your purchase and let’s get this party started! Once the details of your account are set-up, your textable code will be generated. It’s fun (and easy!) to get guests on board, and the best part about it? There’s nothing to download!

Guide guests with three easy steps:

  1. Text the code

  2. Click the link & clink your drink (why not!)

  3. Submit your photo

Your site’s link will remain active for three days following your event. Once it expires, you will finalize your design, and voilà! Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the first few weeks of wedded bliss—your canvas will be on its way to your favorite wall very soon!